Coin Cell Holders from Dubilier

New Range of Coin Cell Holders from Dubilier


Alpha 3 Manufacturing Ltd is excited to announce the launch of a range of Coin Cell Holders from Dubilier — products that will complement their existing broad offering of Lithium Coin Cells.

The range consists of both industry standard types along with some unique products where PCB real estate is key.

The holders cover cell sizes from CR1220 up to CR2470 in conventional and in some cases surface mount format.

A 36 page brochure covering the range is available below.

The holders are available in a number of different material/contact finishes to suit the applications process/environmental constraints: The brochure identifies the standard materials for each holder for which the MOQ´s are low.

Alpha 3 Manufacturing Ltd believe this to be a competitive new product offering from Dubilier, offering customers a complete solution for all their memory back-up requirements.